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Frequently asked questions

Web Experimentation is a platform that allows you to experiment via A/B or multi-variant testing on any channel or device with an internet connection.

Implementation is as simple as pasting a snippet of code on pages where you would like to test or track goals. Tests will run as quickly as they can be added.

With our Performance Edge feature, you can run fast website experiments on mobile, websites and landing pages without slowing them down. Speed metrics run less than 50ms on average—that’s faster than a blink of an eye!

No code changes are required for Optimizely Web Experimentation. We provide project-level configuration options that allow you to choose which platform you want to use.

We are 100% PCI complaint so you can be assured that all your data is protected.

We count conversions based on unique visitors to your page through our advanced analytics system, meaning users are only counted once regardless of how many times they trigger conversions.

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Extensions for Web Experimentation

Optimizely Web Extensions are reusable templates that developers can use to create custom features for non-technical teams, saving more time where it matters most.

Build a culture of experimentation with Full Stack for developers.

Did you know we offer feature management and experimentation for development and product teams? Full Stack experimentation allows developers to optimize what matters most to them. Test new features before rolling them out or experiment with variations using best-in-class APIs.