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Today marketers need a powerful toolset to manage data, uncover real-time insights and rapidly innovate to deliver relevant and personalized experiences that customers demand. Intelligence Cloud is a collection of products that provide advanced automation, the latest in AI and machine learning and best-in-class experimentation.

Capabilities are specifically designed to adapt to your business from growth stages to enterprise. Start collecting customer data into unified profiles, run experiments on the world’s fastest platform and deliver relevance via omni channel experimentation as soon as you launch.

Optimization as a Service (OaaS) firms have a unified suite to help optimize digital experiences for each customer and is only available via Intelligence Cloud. Use OaaS to uncover new revenue-generating segments via machine learning, target them, scale tests and operationalize experiments that leverage AI for individualized recommendations.

Intelligence Cloud empowers your team to create better customer experiences at scale. See what’s possible as enterprise data is made accessible via AI and analytics. Make decisions confidently through experimentation. Deliver more customer value with each click through personalization and behavior-based recommendations.

Optimizely Intelligence Cloud is built to scale with your business and most products are priced based from monthly active users (MAU’s). This ensures that you never pay for unrealized value with an aligned business case. Read more about MAU’s or reach out to work with an Optimizely Solutions Architect or Customer Success Representative. 

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